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    first of all this is just a religion thought (i have eastern orthodox christian background)
    I've been struggling with cam sites lately, porn. I've spend quite a bit lately on cam sites but anyway.
    So this is the equation i wanted to mention
    Doing another sin Vs wanting to be forgiven for all my past sins
    and considering which has more weight
    also note that up to 2 days ago or so i was still in cam sites.....but i'm trying to reinforce that equation in my head lately and understand its importance

    Update 14th october:
    haven't visited cam sites since i posted this thread (still very early though)
    The equation seems to work up to now
    i've gone up to a week or two before, maybe up to 3-4 weeks (this was rare), it will show.......
    i am also 35 so..........i have one more reason to get my head together due to that
    the good thing about this equation is that choosing "all sins to be forgiven" each time, feels like you're actually trying, showing desire to be forgiven.
    Many times i did things i shouldn't and that i consider bad, so its a good deal to me. I hate looking back at my past.

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    You ain't alone on this sort of thing. You having this thought process is a good step. God knows us better then we know ourselves, I think if we have genuine repentence with the desire to stay good while staying honest with ourselves and God nothing will be held against you.

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    I think you are all exaggerating; it's normal to experience sexual arousal. It's a natural desire for humans, as it's for all animals. And suppose you look at the history of human evolution, so you'll notice how our bodies have evolved to be attractive to the opposite sex. If it was just about reproduction, we'd look completely different. So you don't have to fight desire, but you don't have to become obsessed with sex. Many men separate real women and actresses of and treat sex as an expression of their feelings for the person they love. You shouldn't suppress your desires. It doesn't help to get rid of them.

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    I like watching hentai better, because unlike adult films, there are more opportunities for diversity. You can also be sure that children were not involved for filming. If you are interested, then you can look at hentai. You will see what variety of plots are present in this genre. I think you might like it.

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