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    We're doing a show in March in which the script calls for actors to smoke weed from a bong. Its a small theater which means authenticity is paramount. If it were a big house I would just use a bong that isn't loaded with anything and let the audience pretend there is smoke.

    So I need a way for actors to smoke a real bong with something in it that generates "smoke" but it has to fit the following qualifications:

    can't set off fire alarms (which I can disable but not legally)
    can't contain things that are not legal in public places (so no tobacco)
    doesn't force actors to inhale things that may be in violation of their personal health

    I'm basically asking for ideas on building a prop bong that functions in an authentic way but doesn't break laws or set off fire alarms but still makes an authentic picture for the audience.

    I have some herbal "ecstasy" cigarettes which are not technically legal, but would suffice unless I have a patron complain, or if I have an actor who refuses to inhale the smoke. I thought about rigging up a vape thing, but the vapor would likely just condense when it passes through the water in the bong.

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    That's funny but good experience, haha

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    Smoking weed used to be very fashionable, especially on rapper videos. It became a whole universe in which marijuana was worshipped as a god. I belonged to that "cult," but I didn't call myself a rapper who was crazy about weed. Eventually, the craze died down, and I had to find another product that was as high as it had been before. That's why the CBD Vape pen turned out to be the right and most suitable option for me. It has become a significant thing that helps my body become more relaxed.

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    Now there is a lot of choice among vapes on the market, it is very difficult to choose, all the more so for a beginner in this, I like to look at reviews on different products here it is always easy to find what interests me from liquids to boxing mods or mechanics.

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    I agree that you can just use vape without nicotine, and even though it's the worst alternative to smoking, that's a good solution for you.

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    Well, I can't say that vaping is the worst alternative to smoking. It helped me get rid of that addiction, and even though I used to be pretty stressed even after vaping, at least I wasn't damaging my health. Right now, I take CBD oils to relieve stress, and I don't vape anymore, so I think it's way better than smoking like I did before.

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    I don't like this!(

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