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Thread: How do you most often make money on cryptocurrency?

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    Default How do you most often make money on cryptocurrency?

    How do you most often make money on cryptocurrency? Why does it have such a high value and how to start trading it for a beginner? I have been interested in the topic of cryptocurrency for a long time, but I am afraid to start trading because I know that there are risks. Recently I read that someone in the distant 2011 bought a crypt for $ 50 and forgot about it (when it cost $ 4 apiece), and now I remembered and got rich ... I've now specifically started to be interested in this topic, who can tell what from your experience?

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    Everything is simple for me: I bought a cryptocurrency at a cheaper price, waited for the price to rise and sold it at a higher price. It's just that I monitor the price every day, I don't follow price forecasts, it's just that I'm always online.

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    I don’t understand those traders who don’t follow cryptocurrency news and so on ... In my opinion, it’s stupid not to have information on which your profit directly depends. I read blog , I also subscribe to newsletters from some sites that actively follow cryptocurrency news and promptly send newsletters if something new appears. Who just sits and waits for the price to rise, he earns the minimum and misses the opportunity to earn more ...

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    I recently joined and became involved in crypto trading, but I understand that you can earn much more, since volatility is constant. You can use bitcoin bot to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and this solution gives good profit. The most important thing is to understand and predict at least a little, but the trading bot performs many functions for you, so it is very convenient.

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    Despite the overwhelming negative attitude of investors towards cryptocurrencies, the industry continues to experience rapid technological development, which should improve some aspects of this relatively new sector.

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    By the way, after reading all the information about best stablecoins , I decided to trade these digital coins. Unlike traditional cryptographic tokens, stablecoins are designed to maintain a stable value against an asset or currency at all times. Many stablecoins use the US dollar as a price point.

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    I don't work with crypto because, for me, this market is way too unstable and risky. Of course, I understand that the forex market is risky as well, but with a reliable platform like, it's not hard to increase your chances of making money, and you should read a lot of articles in order to come up with a working strategy.

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    Good afternoon. If you are thinking about making money on Forex, I can say that for this purpose it is better to turn to a professional broker. Reading the recommendations and browsing the platform's view site gave me the opportunity to come across various reliable methods and options to find a true trading pro. This gave me confidence in trading and I am confident in my success.
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    Default As a possibility...

    I take loans on vexel platform, invest this money into startups or "greenlight" games in Steam and then receive money back. But this option is too risky for you or other people, I think.

    For me, it is normal because I am a risk-taker. Highly efficient I would say :D

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    This is the most common way of earning money from cryptocurrencies. Most investors buy coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more and wait until their value rises. Once their market prices rise, they sell at a profit. If ever you also want to consider forex trading you should review this forex trading software providers list created by Fazzaco.

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