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Thread: Fully furnished unit for rent at Mplace

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    Default Fully furnished unit for rent at Mplace

    20 sq.m unit converted to one bedroom for privacy. Fully furnished and well maintained. 15k monthly inclusive of association dues.

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    It sounds so cool!

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    My husband and I used to rent an apartment, but in the end, we decided it'd be better to take out a mortgage and pay for our own place. I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to do so, but it was an excellent option for us. And since our income has increased over the years, it became possible to invest in other properties, such as holiday apartments. The guys from found us a couple of great options the year while we are working will be profitable to rent this apartment. Prices for such real estate are only increasing, and therefore we consider it a worthwhile investment.

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    Oh, I would like to invest some money in real estate in Ukraine too but I don't know what to choose, someone on the Internet recommended me to see here but I have never heard anything about DGY investments so I would like to ask you all here, what do you think about them? I would like to know your opinion.

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