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Thread: I want to get involved in cryptocurrency

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    Default I want to get involved in cryptocurrency

    I want to get involved in cryptocurrency, but I donít know what tokens will be invested in, who can predict here? I am considering Elrond, Cosmos, SushiSwap can anyone advise me?

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    The DeFi sector is growing and tokens are steadily growing behind it, why did you choose few tokens for investing there? I advise you to study this market in more detail , and SushiSwap is a decentralized platform for "profitable farming". Users can deposit funds on it as a deposit and receive a percentage of it in SUSHI tokens. There are good forecasts for it, but you need to understand that all these are risks.

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    I advise you to choose of course more liquid altcoins, and you can also join the NapBots cloud platform where you will find a lot of really useful tips on crypto trading. For example, pay attention to an interesting offer for trading crypto-on-robinhood/. It is for beginners that this solution, in my opinion, is more acceptable for many reasons. In general, if you are interested, then just join NapBots and you will become successful.

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    According to the forecasts of market participants, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in terms of growth rates in a few years. A CoinShares poll found that 42 percent of investors cite Ethereum as the cryptocurrency with the most compelling prospects. I hope it will be useful for you. And if you're looking more information about different platforms, like salt lending comparison I recommend you this site

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