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    Default social network and cryptocurrency

    Is it true that there is some kind of social network in which you can unite into communities and create your own cryptocurrency? If this is actually the case, then it is useful to share information)

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    Yes, it's true, Reddit, one of the largest social networks in the world, allows you to build communities around it. Some of these subreddits have their own cryptocurrency, allowing users to own a portion of the Reddit community. So, on the basis of the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit, the cryptocurrency Moon (xMOON) was created. R / Cryptocurrency content is dedicated to all sorts of news and announcements related exclusively to the topic of cryptocurrencies.

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    Yes, I think it is quite possible, but this cryptocurrency will not carry any value

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    There are various communities about a certain cryptocurrency, this is true, but this is the first time I hear this about creating my own. And what's the point of that if you can use to mine the already existing and most popular cryptocurrency without any problems.

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    In the age of digital technology, it is not surprising how fast progress is running. The cryptocurrency market was also not spared. Today automated trading is configured in such a way that you no longer need to monitor for hours in search of successful deals, and then spend time trying to successfully sell/buy. Now all this has been worked out to automatism with the help of bots. The results are ****ing awesome!

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    To start trading forex make sure you have money and make sure you can afford to lose money because it is possible to lose money trading forex.
    However, if you know what you are doing, you can get rich or at least have a decent income when trading forex.

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    More recently, I started to get interested in Forex trading. I was very surprised at what a huge amount of information I would have to study here in order to at least begin to understand what and how Forex works. And recently I was very lucky to stumble upon the content, because here I learned about such a concept in Forex as an index and that this index can be traded.

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