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Thread: e36 upper control arm welding

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    Default e36 upper control arm welding

    Hi all,

    I have taken the whole back end of my e36 out and noticed the upper wishbone which connects to the rear subframe is slightly torn

    I bought a welder and did weld it as per the picture

    Initially the welder did melt the metal bit on the upper wishbone and I had to cover the gap by welding between the circle which has the bush in it and the body

    My welding is terrible as it was my first time after 15 mins of practice

    Alternative is to buy another one but they are like gold and cost 150 which isn't cheap

    This is plus the hassle of removing the bush as i have to insert a powerflex

    What would you do?

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    Try welding a metal plate. That should help.

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    The guy above is correct. The best way to rebuild the lever is to weld a small metal plate. You don't have to worry about reliability because welding will do the trick. The most crucial thing in this process is, of course, experience and having a good welder. If you don't have one, it's better to buy a new lever and not fill your brain with unnecessary problems. If you still decide to take the difficult but cheap way, you will need a good tool. Consider the Lincoln Electric welding machines. You can find more information about this manufacturer and the Internet. Best of luck to you!
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