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    Please tell me how to accelerate digital transformation. Is it possible to develop new technologies in this way? And how will it affect the performance of my enterprise?

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    Modern technology now performs many functions. Where humans can't cope, artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. That's why it's so important to accelerate the digital transformation. This is a company that will help you take your companies and organizations to the next level. You will be exposed to a lot of new features. Naturally, it will have a positive impact on the operation of your enterprise.

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    What can you say about fintech? I like this direction and I want to study it

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    Quite a long time ago, the variety and convenience of fintech solutions forced banks and financial institutions to reconsider their attitude to the user experience. Many consumers want to make their purchases or services immediately through the website where they found the right product, and not go to the company's website and do everything through managers. You can find out more details here
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