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Thread: walking shoes and or boots

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    Default walking shoes and or boots

    I'm looking for the best possible hiking/ walking shoes and or boots. Something that you could walk in for 8 hours per day with a load.

    Made in a white country (Europe, Can,Australia,USA)
    No synthetic materials or as little as possible.

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    I usually find something light at Nike because it's the best brand for me.

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    In general, it's best to choose hiking clothes and shoes to be as comfortable. It's the same with other sports and other things. I'm sure that everyone will choose shoes that are made for a particular sport. Just like people who play tennis, they will never select soccer shoes. They can easily buy them online just by using this tennis website because they are designed to be easy to move around on the court. It's pretty simple. So it would be best if you bought good hiking shoes so that they are definitely waterproof. And you'll be comfortable to be in a hike in any weather.

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