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Thread: Travelling Whilst Broke and Single is awesome

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    Default Travelling Whilst Broke and Single is awesome

    Anyone here single and broke. Maybe quite a lot of you I expect. I read this great article titled Why being broke is the best time to travel.

    I'll link it here:

    Anyway, is a hard holiday, but at the same time use it to your advantage, if you're like me and are single, the world is your oyster.
    I first solo travelled in Mexico, and it was scary but awesome, I got out of my comfort zone and grew as a person. Ask me any questions about it, if you wish.

    Be your own lifecoach

    As for me I'm currently applying to work on a summer camp in America, so I need to shut up and go!

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    thank you for the info

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    When you travel at this time, it's probably easier to take in information that you're broke because you're not in a vacuum, and you can think things through. That way, you can come up with genius thoughts that can get you back on your feet. I had a similar relationship situation. I was going through a breakup at the time that lasted almost five years. And probably at that time, I started to love traveling, even now I'm in Austria and travel around by train with a convenient schedule at I'm happy that I once chose to travel, which helps me deal with evil thoughts.

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