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Thread: CBD Oil Anyone?

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    Default CBD Oil Anyone?

    I know there was a thread a few years ago, but now that MJ is legal in my state and CBD is widely sold I wanted to know if anyone has tried it.

    If so, what kind did you buy? eg; full or partial spectrum made from hemp or marijuana? Any **** interactions to be concerned about? Any particular brand you like?

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    Few years ago I used sometimes cbd oil, it was black+ thick oil with a little bit calming effect -but I stopped using it, because it cost a lot. Meanwhile CBD oil is availible for cheap in local stores, mostly made from Switzerland hemp - this hemp oil had a green colour, smell and taste was pretty awfull, didnt notice any effect. If availible better buy pure CBD and/or made from medical MJ strains, those very cheap hemp oils are imo a waste off money.

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    I love CBD stuff in principle. I once tried CBD candy with milk chocolate and coffee. I don't take candy for myself, I give it to friends and acquaintances who are very nervous and tired. But I rarely use it and feel calm most of the time. True, I have moments when I really want a CBD candy, and I take mint sweet To be honest, I've never tasted more minty candy. They taste like you picked fresh and wild mint leaves in the woods. Compared to regular gum, the mint flavor stays with me throughout the day

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