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    I recently got a job at a bank, previously I worked in a larger bank and now I have something to compare with), then what seemed to me usual in software before, this is not here and my question is brewing whether it is possible to modify or even change software developers who serve our bank?

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    If you have such an opportunity to change developers, then of course I will advise you they are engaged in the development of banking products, including the development of a website for a bank of any complexity, the development of mobile and Internet banking, digital banking solutions, solutions for automating business processes. In addition, they modify and improve existing software, transfer data, provide integration with external platforms, and much more.

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    I think it is easier to apply for the provision of services to a separate company that specializes in this and then you will not have many problems with the organization of work, the selection of your staff and other things

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    Of course you can, of course, if you work in a bank, then you need a full-fledged company with which you can sign a contract and formalize everything, my company works with these guys

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