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Thread: I cannot pay for my studies

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    Default I cannot pay for my studies

    So guys, I'm in big trouble. I study at the university, and at first my parents paid for my studies. They are no longer able to help me. How can I make a lot of money fast? If at all possible.

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    How about forex trading? I think this is a great opportunity for a student to make good money. Check out, these are very good tips that I used when choosing a broker. A reliable broker is very important, because your result depends on it.

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    I donít know what you can do. I am sorry that you faced this problem. Maybe you can get a loan from the bank.

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    The best solution would be to try to apply for new scholarships and grants. They are awarded to undergraduates despite the fact that they are not always advertised. You can try to do this. Also, many banks often issue mortgages for study. Btw, I bought my apartment with the help of Mortgage Advice Sheffield. So, I will be required to make a monthly payment for the next 7 years. You can also visit a recruitment agency. Many campuses have offices that give students advice on opportunities to get into the labor market and help in finding employment.

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