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Thread: What is the best website for Forex trading?

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    Default What is the best website for Forex trading?

    What is the best website for Forex trading?

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    Are you looking for some particular platform/partner? I advise you to pay attention to this best forex trading platform for beginners I respect the most. You see, this is a promising product that can bring great benefits to its owners. I often analyze all the information I need on this site, there is always relevant and detailed information. Cheers

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    When opening an account, you will most of the time have to choose how the broker will get paid. Either via commission or via the spread. Personally, I prefer to pay commission over having an increase in spread. The reason being that spread can affect the result of a trade, which commission cannot.

    Either way, when choosing a broker you should always try to pick a broker with small commission fees or very small increases in spread, which ever you prefer.

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