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    Show me your nails. What style and color do you prefer?

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    When I want to find a new design, I'm always searching on pinterest. That's why I don't have a preferred style, every time it's different.

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    I don't like to stick to the same style. Many girls like to paint their nails only in nude shades and add a minimum of stickers or other decorations. However, when I studied manicures, I realized that there are so many nail tech programs that I can learn something more complex than a one-colour coating. Now I have learned how to build-up, gradient-style coating, sticker overlay, and complex design. Have you seen nails with whole paintings like Van Gogh's on canvases? I love doing this to myself and my clients. Of course, it's a little difficult for me to draw with my left hand when I'm doing my manicure, but I can handle even that.

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