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Thread: What is Google Panda? How does the algorithm work?

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    Default What is Google Panda? How does the algorithm work?

    Hello forum users. I came across such as google panda in my online business and do not understand how it works. Do I need to avoid this topic or do I still need to understand it? Can you help?

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    You don't have to worry about running into it, because you can turn it your way. It's a positive thing. In short, it's a set of updates to Google's search engine algorithms whose main purpose is to display full-fledged, quality content. To learn more about google panda seo go to, and there's also information here about how it can help you on your site.
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    The complex is needed to combat low-quality information on Web resources, so the main criteria for them are based on the quality of displayed content. I hope I explained to you clearly.

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