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    My sister and her husband passed away about amonth ago in an accident. I've been helping the oldest daughter get everything in order.My sister had 15 acres of land, My niece wants it to go to her brother, nobody is objecting. She has talked to lawyers and they want 1800$ up front. Anybody know of a cheaper way to get the land in to his name?

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    I am very sorry about your family loss. It is difficult to advise you on this as it depends on the state law as usually, you would need “someone” to be authorized to issue a warranty deed. Most of the time, that person is the personal representative of the deceased person's estate. Therefore, the attorney is there to open a probate on the decedent’s estate. I had a cousin, and he was a doctor. He was a member of the, and after his death (car accident), they took care to arrange all the necessary documentation and representatives as they managed their family’s finances.

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