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Thread: Problems in getting a job

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    Default Problems in getting a job

    What difficulties did you have in getting a job? Maybe you encountered some problems, such as that you did not have a resume, experience, and so on.

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    The story is about how I left my job when I was a manager and started looking for a new one. While I was sitting in line for an interview, I heard loud shouting in the corridor, came out and saw the following picture: the door to the next office was open and a line of 6-7 women was pouring in, the first of whom was arguing with the employee of the next office, accusing her and the company of not paying her extra salary. Her shouts were joined by the indignation of the others in line. And then I decided that it was better for me to come back tomorrow and discuss everything calmly. On my way home I realized that I didn't even have a new resume. I quickly searched the Internet and created a great resume online at with Free Resume Builder. The next day I didn't dare go back to that office and went for another interview.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am now looking for a job as a pharmacist and not only are there very few vacancies, but I also do not receive a response to my resume. It upsets me and I can't figure out why. Are there any mistakes in my resume? I wrote it myself, and my friends recommend ordering a resume from This should increase the chances of attracting the attention of an employer. It gives me hope, I will try.
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