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Thread: Kotlin against Flutter? What's better?

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    Default Kotlin against Flutter? What's better?

    I now need the help of developers of cross -platform applications. But I have a question, what is better to use, Kotlin or Flutter? What do you think is better?

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    Cross -platform development is on the rise, and you can wonder why. As you can assume from the name, it allows you to launch applications on several platforms - whether IOS or Android - and helps the business to attract more customers, which means to earn more money. It is not surprising that the emphasis gradually, but steadily shifts towards cross -platform development, and new technologies appear more and more often.

    Having existed for some time, this type of development revealed two leaders: React Native and Flutter. Why do we want to tell you about Flutter compared to Kotlin, and not about Flutter and React National? What is Kotlin, and can it actually pose a threat to Flutter's popularity? What is Kotlin Multiplatform (multi -platform), and what are the advantages of both technologies? You can find out here

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