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    Default Trip Report- Italy 2019

    I told @Squidbeard that if he does a Japan Trip Report then I will do one of my October 2019 Italy trip.

    I have always wanted to visit Italy as I studied law and we did a lot of Roman history and I have Latin on Varsity level.

    This trip was for my 50th birthday so we went quite big.

    I am going to do the posts with each city we visited.

    We flew with Ethiopian Airlines and it was fine, the food was not too hot but the wine was fine. The airport was a bit chaotic but at most airports you must remove your belt and shoes so I was prepared.

    We horded a few bottles of wine:

    I decided to stay in the Navigli area as I read that there was the best nightlife. Our hotel was beautiful and when we arrived at 7AM the morning they had a room ready for us that kicked off the holiday on a positive note.

    The area has some canals and we decided to hit the roads after a quick shower.

    The canals:

    First selfie, here I am still in my forties:

    We first visited the Duomo and it was very impressive, the first of many Duomos that we visited.

    I spotted this small cake that cost 32 Euros.

    The Springboks played Italy on this day so we popped inside a pub and drank a beer, left at half time:

    Milan has a lot of beautiful women, everyone looks like models, I felt very under-dressed. My wife asked this lady if she could take a pic of her. That is me in the background saying WTF?

    Our first lunch, take aways from the side of the road, foccacia bread and pizza. I think it was 2 or 3 Euros a slice:

    Our hotel had free drinks and snacks between 18:00 and 19:00, we had enough food so did not need supper that night.

    We walked around the area, it was getting very busy and the area had a lekker vibe.

    We spotted a lekker outdoor pub and had a few Limoncellos and beers, 5 Euros a beer.

    We returned to the hotel and spotted a wine bar right next to the hotel, had a few glasses of wine. The wine prices:

    Then returned to the hotel and had a final nightcap:

    It was a great day and the perfect start to our holiday.

    We only stayed in Milan for one night, next up Venice.

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    I can't forgive myself for taking so long to travel to Italy. Your story is wonderful. I've seen thousands of beautiful Pinterest pictures of Italian cityscapes, but there's nothing better than live photos of tourists. I no longer want to save money. Two years of covid restrictions have made me fat and lazy. I began to spend money on food delivery, although I could save for a trip. I think it's time for me to plan a trip to Italy for August. Thank you for inspiring me :) By the way, about Germany. I was there a couple of years ago, and when saving was important, I found such a wonderful excursion in Leipzig Perhaps you'll find it interesting.

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