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Thread: Book thread. What are you reading?

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    Default Book thread. What are you reading?

    What are you reading right now? Is it worth reading?

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    I just finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy- after I finished it I learned it's considered one of his worst novels, but I still enjoyed it well enough. The themes are tragically relateable, it's well-written in terms of prose, and the ending was quite touching. Structurally it's not very good, but I'll read more from him.

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    I have been reading quite a few books about critical thinking lately but one stands out , Weaponised Lies, by Daniel Levitin. I have read this book because it concerns events in my personal life, however in the current political climate I believe every person should at the very least peruse this book.

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    Gulag Archipelago Volume 2. Amazing read. Just reading about the construction of the Belomor Canal, and how Stalin demanded of 100 000 prisoners (mostly political) that they build it in less than two years. They were supplied with no tools and almost no materials aside from concrete, and not even wheels on their wheelbarrows. Lots of engineers were there as generally engineers as a whole weren't too happy about the revolution, and they invented their own machines out of wood to transport concrete and boulders, like wooden cranes and wagons. They even hand made a furnace to forge wheels for the wheelbarrows. In the end around 100 000 died on the job and their skeletons were often shoved into the concrete mixers, as when the snow melted there were tons of skeletons from decomposed bodies. Often 48 hour shifts in polar conditions. Some had to sleep outside. They worked in the clothes they were wearing when arrested. Crazy stuff.

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    I am now reading Human Universe by Brian Cox. I love Brian and his 2 series Wonders of the universe and wonders of life. This book expounds on some ideas in those series and I want to write essay about this book. Hope with a little help of WriteMyEssayOnline service I'll finish it in the near future and at high level. Useful tool for grammar check and proofreading.
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