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    Default I want to obey

    With this phrase I flew into my partner's room. I want to obey and to be obeyed... Yes, my fantasies were running wild. But I think that intimacy should be given great importance. How to diversify it?

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    It's normal that you want that because variety is an important aspect of intimacy. It is necessary to work on it and to invent something new all the time in order not to bore each other with your partner and to always be attracted to each other. Since you want to obey, I would recommend you to go to where various handcuffs for games are provided. Your partner will be able to restrain you in them and you will be defenseless. How do you like this option?

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    Even I liked this scenario and got excited. Thank you for sharing it. For me, you can just ask your man to control you during intimacy and give you a thrill. I think he would agree to that.

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