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Thread: I can't decide what to choose.

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    Default I can't decide what to choose.

    The question is addressed to those who have developed mobile applications using React Native or Vue. I would very much like to decide on the technology, but I can't decide what to use.
    Please advise me, share your opinion, what is preferable to use and why?

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    Vue.js is often used in projects that need to add responsiveness, displaying values when users enter data. Thanks to the small size of the main library, the framework almost doesn't burden the projects in which it is used. Vue.js is considered a progressive framework. It's easy to scale and apply to large, high-load, single-page applications. A third use case is for the frontend of blogs and other resources in popular CMSs. Vue.js can be used to create dynamic interfaces. It reacts to every user's behavior and adapts to each one. Vue.js is one of the most functional and modern JavaScript frameworks. It can easily be used in projects that already use other JavaScript libraries. If you need professional advice and development in JavaScript, contact stfalcon . Vue.js is mostly used to create user interfaces, a variety of complex single-page applications (SPAs), and administration panels. It is not a monolithic software platform. Vue.js is adapted for gradual implementation into projects. The main components of the framework solve view tasks. This makes integration with existing libraries much easier.

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