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Thread: Should we wait or rush?

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    Default Should we wait or rush?

    The fall of the ruble, job loss and the economic crisis, and against this background of instability, real estate still seems like a safe investment. Do you think you should buy an apartment now, or is it better to wait?

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    In a situation of instability and uncertainty, people have a picture of a rather bleak future. Should we buy real estate in Russia now or should we wait? This question torments many people. Panic often prevents the right decision. To be honest, there is no universal right decision. And any forecast of the cost of apartments will only be indicative. If I were you, I would go to and look at the prices and offers. And then decide what to do.

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    I believe that for those who thought the cheapest to buy and the most expensive to sell, now is not the right time, because the price of housing is still moderately high.

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