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    I get a lot of private messages thanking me for my prior stock advice and get many asking for more.

    If you've never seen any of my stock threads, you've missed out on making a lot of money. I don't say that in a bragging way but just stating facts. Many money makers given out over the years.

    I have one for you to look at over the weekend and you decide if you are going to jump in. This recommendation will be unlike any other I have given based on the stock price alone. I've made you money with MGM, CZR, CACQ to name a few gaming stocks along the way.

    This one is a gaming stock but it's one you've likely never heard of. So let me get to it:

    FUNFF is the stock symbol and today it closed at $1.75

    FUNFF otherwise known as FansUnite Entertainment Inc is based in Canada.

    I like this one for several reasons, the two main reasons is that Canada is expected to pass legislation to allow single game wagers. Unlike now you can only play parlay cards. A vote took place on a bill called the The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act otherwise known as Bill C-218. This took place on 2/17 in the House of Commons which passed with little dissent.

    There's still a few hurdles to go with some hearings and a vote by the senate and one last phase after that. At this point there should be no reason why it doesn't go through with ease.

    This is where Fans Unite for short comes into play. They already are a legal gaming operator with the technology they provide. You can learn more at and view the investor information here

    The second big reason is that they are in the midst of pursing US Licensing and have hired a gaming law firm in the US to get things rolling. This will be a major thing to take place and one that can be very lucrative for the company. They already have a partnership with GameCo. They are looking to start in New Jersey which has been a gold mine so far.

    They own Mcbookie which handles the Scottish market but has lines on all American sports. They also purchased Askott Entertainment which was big in e-sports which is making big strides. This is where the deal with GameCo comes into place as they are the first esports sportsbook in the US which is going to be based out of Colorado.

    Mind you the stock recently made a 52 week high today and yesterday. I've been monitoring the stock for a while and couldn't come out and say hey buy this 64 cent stock. Granted the run up has taken place from 64 cents but I think this has a lot of room to grow. As the Bill completes it's hurdles in Canada and more states approve legislation in the USA. I set a price target upwards of $3.

    There may be bumps and bruises along the way depending on what takes place but that is just like any other stock. At $1.75 or so, you're risk limit is a lot different than a stock at $10 or $50. This one, you buy, you watch and wait. As more positive news comes out of Canada and once they get a bigger footprint here in the USA, I truly believe it's off to the races.....

    I say this as I always do, don't blindly buy, do your due diligence and then make a decision on what you want to do with YOUR money. Remember you make the final call here, I just present the opportunity as I see it.

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