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    Living in a modern house, sort of, and owning a Honda CRV for a length of time meant the garage was never going to be used for it's original purpose (it is now a split games room and craft workshop). The best I could do was invest in a decent car cover which I did.

    Having recently swapped my CRV for an Aygo I decided that I should do the same and invest in a decent cover, which sadly I now find I didn't. It was not cheap, well at least I thought close to 100 for a cover for a car the size of the Aygo was fair. Last night the forecast was for a frost and knowing we were to be using the car first thing I decided to use the cover, covering a clean and dry car. To my horror when I came to remove it it had frozen solid to the car and not just in the odd place, front bumper, bonnet roof and rear were as if the cover had been glued on. The cover was meant to be waterproof and the material was meant to be breathable.

    I now have another cover on order, more expensive and made in the UK but I guess the silver lining was I knew what questions to ask this time around.

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    The best car cover solution for me was a carport because I didn’t have enough money or space to build an entire garage. It is rather dry in our area, and the main thing the car needs to be protected from is the sun.
    So a good carport with an insulated roof is enough for me because it helps to keep the area under the roof cooler than outside and protect the car from seldom rains too. I don’t like car covers because they don’t let the moisture evaporate from the car’s surface and cause rotting and rusting of some car parts. I would like it to be in the fresh air.

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