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Thread: python programmer for a startup

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    Default python programmer for a startup

    I am in need of a programmer with a strong knowledge of python. Also I would like the programmer to have a good understanding of front end development.

    This project will include connecting hardware with an web/mobile site. Any previous knowledge with paypal, dwolla, ect is preferred.

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    The Python programming language is one of the popular solutions for developing Internet projects. Python has features that are limited only by the imagination of developers. The language is object-oriented, which gives it even more possibilities in modern programming. A team of experts at develops applications all over the world, both for large businesses and startups.

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    I just finished my programming studies and would be interested in working on your project. I am still developing my skills and some things are helped by where I find a lot of useful information to learn. And also here you can get help with your assignments.

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    If you are interested in rare technology and do not want to run after fashion, there is a chance to increase your value through unique knowledge. Today's tech giants are flexible enough to successfully upgrade their systems. I advise you to learn more about LWC interview questions here

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    check upwork there are many good programmers

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