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    Good day to all. I work in a company that translates texts and writes articles on scientific topics .. I have to work a lot with text and pictures and it takes a lot of time to sort it all out .. maybe there is some kind of software or something else that can help me?

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    I don’t know how difficult your job is, but I think that a regular one (bot) will suit you. Now programmers have reached such a level that they can do (bot) - for any job. You say that your work is related to pictures - this is already more difficult, you need such a bot - which will have artificial intelligence, and this is already a different level and very expensive, think about it, if you have money - I don’t see any problems...

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    People are stupid and lazy - you need to make robots work hard. Let the machine look at our data, find patterns in it, and learn to predict the answer for us. The most interesting thing is that in the end she even began to find patterns that people had no idea about. Contact here - , will help you.

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