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Ice Cream Pop
Sold for:
1,150 mesos
Max per slot:

A tasty ice cream pop.
Recovers around 2000 HP.

Dropped by:
Desert Rabbit (F), Desert Rabbit (M), Jr. Cactus, Cactus, Royal Cactus, Bellamoa, Scarf Plead, Scorpion, Flower Fish, Dark Sand Dwarf, Triple Rumo, Tick, Tweeter, Iron Mutae, Mithril mutae, [*]Jr. Cerebes, Block Golem, Tick-Tock, Master Chronos, Barnard Gray, Mateon, Sparker, Freezer, Poopa, Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Blue Flower Serpent, Jar, Desert Giant, Mossy Snail, Tree Rod, Reinforced Mithril Mutae, Roid, Neo Huroid, Grizzly, Bellflower Root, Wooden Target Dummy, The Book Ghost, Coolie Zombie, [*]Miner Zombie, King Clang, Mossy Mushroom, Stone Bug, Saitie, [*]Buffy, Morphed Blin, Peach Monkey, Kru, Sage Cat, Guard Robot, [*]Soul Teddy, Yeti, [*]Buffoon, Dark Yeti, D. Roy, Homunculus, [*]Cerebes, Taurospear, Werewolf, [*]Master Death Teddy, Rash, Green Hobi, Racoco, Big Spider, Cart Bear, Guard Robot L, [*]Dual Ghost Pirate, Raco, Security System, AF Android, Broken DF Android, Homunscullo, Harp, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, [*]Klock, Bone Fish, Blue Dragon Turtle, Red Dragon Turtle, Squid, [*]Phantom Watch, [*]Grim Phantom Watch, Shark, Cold Shark, Dark Cornian, Red Wyvern, Nest Golem, Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Eye of Time, Memory Monk, Memory Monk Trainee, Memory Guardian, Chief Memory Guardian, Qualm Monk Trainee, Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Guardian, Crocky the Gatekeeper, Reindeer, Blood Reindeer, Bearwolf, Grey Vulture, Castle Golem, Leviathan, Papa Pixie, Extra D, Von Leon, Mutant Snail, Mutant Orange Mushroom, Mutant Slime, Mutant Tiguru, Dawn, Night, Thunder, Official Knight C, Advanced Knight A, Advanced Knight B, Advanced Knight D, King Centipede, Master Hoblin, Master Harp, Master Birk, Kentaurus King, Coco, Alien Cog
Available from: