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Sold for:
25 mesos
Max per slot:

Made out of soy beans, it is one healthy food recommended for everyone.
Recovers 50 HP.

Dropped by:
Triple Rumo, Lupin, Lorang, King Bloctopus, Propelly, Planey, Toy Trojan, Tweeter, Jr. Seal, Iron Mutae, Reinforced Iron Mutae, Mithril mutae, Copper Drake, Tortie, Dark Nependeath, Rombot, Seruf, Cold Eye, Zombie Lupin, Wraith, Iron Hog, Clang, Nependeath, Lunar Pixie, Flyeye, [*]Jr. Cerebes, Block Golem, King Block Golem, Robo, Master Robo, Barnard Gray, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Mateon, Plateon, Mecateon, Sparker, Freezer, Skeledog, Mummydog, Poopa, Poison Poopa, Moon Bunny, Iron Boar, Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Blue Flower Serpent, Red Flower Serpent, Jar, Ginseng Jar, Desert Giant, Chief Gray, Jr. Yeti, Firebomb, Hodori, Samiho, Hogul, Reinforced Mithril Mutae, Roid, Neo Huroid, Luster Pixie, Cellion, Lioner, Grupin, MT-09, Grizzly, Bellflower Root, Sr. Bellflower Root, Straw Target Dummy, Wooden Target Dummy, Reindeer, The Book Ghost, Drake, Stone Golem, Dark Stone Golem, Croco, Hector, Dark Jr. Yeti, Coolie Zombie, [*]Miner Zombie, White Fang, Mixed Golem, Skeleton Soldier, Jr. Sentinel, King Clang, Malady, Riche, Scholar Ghost, Rurumo, Homun, Saitie, Red Drake, Mushmom, Pepe, [*]Buffy, Morphed Blin, Panda, Mr. Alli, Peach Monkey, Kru, Sage Cat, Zeno, Wild Kargo, Dark Pepe, [*]Lazy Buffy, [*]Soul Teddy, [*]Master Soul Teddy, Ice Drake, Dark Drake, Officer Skeleton, Yeti, Zombie Mushmom, Dark Yeti, [*]Deep Buffoon, D. Roy, Homunculus, Lucida, [*]Cerebes, Beetle, Dual Beetle, Hankie, [*]Death Teddy, Goby, Tauromacis, Taurospear, Commander Skeleton, Captain, Werewolf, [*]Master Death Teddy, Yellow King Goblin, Blue King Goblin, Green King Goblin, Rash, Dark Rash, Hobi, Green Hobi, [*]Ghost Pirate, [*]Dual Ghost Pirate, Tae Roon, Deet and Roi, Homunscullo, Jr. Balrog, Lycanthrope, Harp, Blood Harp, Dark Yeti and Pepe, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Birk, Dual Birk, [*]Klock, [*]Dark Klock, [*]Bain, Bone Fish, Blue Dragon Turtle, Red Dragon Turtle, Rexton, Brexton, [*]Spirit Viking, [*]Gigantic Spirit Viking, Squid, [*]Phantom Watch, Risell Squid, [*]Grim Phantom Watch, Crimson Balrog, Shark, Cold Shark, Green Cornian, Dark Cornian, Red Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Dark Wyvern, [*]Gatekeeper, [*]Thanatos, Manon, Griffey, Jr. Newtie, Nest Golem, Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Eye of Time, Memory Monk, Memory Monk Trainee, Memory Guardian, Chief Memory Guardian, Qualm Monk, Qualm Monk Trainee, Qualm Guardian, Chief Qualm Guardian, Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Oblivion Guardian, Chief Oblivion Guardian, Chimera, Leviathan, Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka, Nightghost, Black Crow, Extra A, Extra B, Extra C, Extra D, Leader A, Leader B, Male Boss A, Female Boss, Dragonoir, Dragon Rider, Kaede Chunin, Kaede Jonin, Kaede Ninto, Kacchuu Musha, False Daimyo
Available from: -
  • This item is used for quest.