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White Potion
Sold for:
48 mesos
Max per slot:

A highly-concentrated potion made out of red herbs.
Recovers 300 HP.

Dropped by:
Annoyed Zombie Mushroom, Patrol Robot, Strange Sign, Serpent, Desert Rabbit (M), Royal Cactus, Sand Rat, Jr. Necki, Water Thief Monster, Dust Box, Streetlight, Wild Boar, Green Trixter, Seacle, Cico, Krappy, Pinboom, Bubble Fish, Krip, Royal Fairy, Ratz, Safety First, Baby Boulder Muncher, Big Boulder Muncher, Jr. Lioner, Black Ratz, Helly, Tick, Scuba Pepe, Lorang, King Bloctopus, Mask Fish, Toy Trojan, Chronos, Drumming Bunny, Jr. Seal, Copper Drake, Dark Nependeath, Rombot, Seruf, Cold Eye, Zombie Lupin, Wraith, Iron Hog, Clang, Nependeath, Block Golem, King Block Golem, Robo, Master Robo, Master Chronos, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Plateon, Mecateon, Freezer, Poopa, Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Tree Rod, Shade, Jr. Yeti, Firebomb, Samiho, Lioner, Grupin, MT-09, Drake, Stone Golem, Croco, Hector, White Fang, Mixed Golem, Jr. Sentinel, Fire Sentinel, King Clang, Faust, Timer, Red Drake, Mushmom, Pepe, Dyle, Zeno, Wild Kargo, Dark Pepe, Jr. Lucida, Ice Drake, Dark Drake, Officer Skeleton, Zombie Mushmom, [*]Buffoon, Lucida, Big Spider, Cart Bear, Guard Robot L, Tae Roon, Nine-Tailed Fox, King Sage Cat, Blue Mushmom, Alishar, Papa Pixie, Lord Pirate, Frankenroid, Super-Charged Poison Golem, Poison Mushroom, Intoxicated Pig, Royal Guard Pepe, Prime Minister, Crying Blue Mushroom, Terrified Wild Boar, Surgeon Eye, Muddy Swamp Monster, Cherry Bubble Tea, Mango Bubble Tea, Melon Bubble Tea, Yeti Doll Claw Game, Yellow Perfume, Pink Perfume, Kid Mannequin, Female Mannequin, Male Mannequin, Greatest Oldies, Fancy Amplifier, Spirit of Rock, Meerkat, Kaede Chunin, Kaede Jonin, Lord Skeleton, Pixiemom, Queen Pepe, Toy Black Knight
Available from: