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Potential Scroll
Sold for:
1 mesos
Max per slot:

Provides potentials for regular equip items without deducting the available upgrade count.
It can only be used on regular items.
Success Rate: 70%. If failed, the item will be destroyed.

Dropped by:
Desert Rabbit (M), Jr. Cactus, Cactus, Ear Plug Plead, Scarf Plead, Sand Rat, Scorpion, Dust Box, Streetlight, Patrol Robot S, Mano, Trixter, Green Trixter, Seacle, Cico, Krappy, Wooden Mask, Rocky Mask, Flower Fish, Sentinel, Brown Teddy, Krip, Sand Dwarf, Ligator, Pink Teddy, Ratz, Cube Slime, Dark Sand Dwarf, Triple Rumo, Safety First, Baby Boulder Muncher, Big Boulder Muncher, Fire Boar, Jr. Cellion, Jr. Grupin, Panda Teddy, Helly, Tick, Retz, Scuba Pepe, Lupin, Stumpy, Deo, King Bloctopus, Mask Fish, Star Pixie, Jr. Boogie, Bloctopus, Propelly, Planey, Toy Trojan, Chronos, Tweeter, Drumming Bunny, Jr. Seal, Iron Mutae, Reinforced Iron Mutae, Copper Drake, Tortie, Dark Nependeath, Rombot, Seruf, Cold Eye, Zombie Lupin, Iron Hog, Nependeath, Flyeye, [*]Jr. Cerebes, King Block Golem, Robo, Tick-Tock, Master Chronos, Barnard Gray, Ultra Gray, Mateon, Plateon, Mecateon, Sparker, Freezer, Mummydog, Poopa, Iron Boar, Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Blue Flower Serpent, Red Flower Serpent, Jar, Mossy Snail, Tree Rod, Firebomb, Samiho, Reinforced Mithril Mutae, Roid, Luster Pixie, Cellion, Grupin, MT-09, Grizzly, Bellflower Root, Sr. Bellflower Root, Wooden Target Dummy, Drake, Dark Stone Golem, Croco, Hector, Dark Jr. Yeti, Coolie Zombie, [*]Miner Zombie, White Fang, Skeleton Soldier, Ice Sentinel, Fire Sentinel, King Clang, Faust, Timer, Giant Centipede, Mossy Mushroom, Stone Bug, Primitive Boar, Leatty, Dark Leatty, Malady, Jr. Pepe, Scholar Ghost, Rurumo, Homun, Saitie, Red Drake, Mushmom, Pepe, [*]Buffy, Panda, Mr. Alli, Peach Monkey, Kru, Sage Cat, Guard Robot, Dyle, Zeno, Wild Kargo, Dark Pepe, [*]Lazy Buffy, [*]Soul Teddy, Jr. Lucida, [*]Master Soul Teddy, Ice Drake, Dark Drake, Officer Skeleton, Yeti, Zombie Mushmom, Dark Yeti, [*]Deep Buffoon, Security Camera, D. Roy, Homunculus, Lucida, [*]Cerebes, Beetle, Dual Beetle, Hankie, Goby, Tauromacis, Commander Skeleton, Captain, Werewolf, [*]Master Death Teddy, Yellow King Goblin, Blue King Goblin, Green King Goblin, Rash, Dark Rash, Green Hobi, [*]Ghost Pirate, Racoco, Big Spider, Cart Bear, Racaroni, Guard Robot L, [*]Dual Ghost Pirate, Tae Roon, Nine-Tailed Fox, King Sage Cat, Raco, Security System, Broken DF Android, Homunscullo, Jr. Balrog, Lycanthrope, Harp, Blood Harp, Dark Yeti and Pepe, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Birk, Dual Birk, [*]Klock, [*]Dark Klock, [*]Bain, Bone Fish, Blue Dragon Turtle, Red Dragon Turtle, Rexton, Brexton, [*]Spirit Viking, [*]Gigantic Spirit Viking, Squid, Risell Squid, [*]Grim Phantom Watch, Crimson Balrog, Cold Shark, Green Cornian, Dark Cornian, Red Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Dark Wyvern, [*]Gatekeeper, [*]Thanatos, Manon, Griffey, Jr. Newtie, Nest Golem, Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Eye of Time, Memory Monk, Memory Monk Trainee, Memory Guardian, Chief Memory Guardian, Qualm Monk, Qualm Monk Trainee, Chief Qualm Guardian, Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Oblivion Guardian, Chief Oblivion Guardian, Crocky the Gatekeeper, Reindeer, Blood Reindeer, Bearwolf, Grey Vulture, Eliza, Snowman, Chimera, Leviathan, Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka, Blue Mushmom, Snack Bar, [*]Papulatus, Pianus, Zakum, Horntail, Alishar, Von Leon, Renegade Spores, Poison Mushroom, Intoxicated Pig, Royal Guard Pepe, Grey Yeti and King Pepe, Gold Yeti and King Pepe, White Yeti and King Pepe, Prime Minister, Surgeon Eye, Muddy Swamp Monster, Mango Bubble Tea, Jr. Pepe Doll Claw Game, Transformed Doll Claw Game, Blue Perfume, Yellow Perfume, Kid Mannequin, Male Mannequin, Greatest Oldies, Fancy Amplifier, Spirit of Rock, Dragonoir, Dragon Rider, Mutant Snail, Mutant Orange Mushroom, Mutant Slime, Mutant Ribbon Pig, Mutant Tiru, Mutant Tiguru, Dawn, Blaze, Wind, Night, Thunder, Official Knight A, Official Knight B, Official Knight C, Official Knight E, Advanced Knight A, Advanced Knight B, Advanced Knight C, Advanced Knight D, Advanced Knight E, Cygnus, Lord Skeleton, Pixiemom, Queen Pepe, Toy Black Knight, King Centipede, Master Hoblin, Master Harp, Master Birk, Kentaurus King, Coco
Available from: