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Level: 160
Common equipment:
Horntail Necklace
Ore drop:
Confusion Fragment
Maker item:
Useable drop:
Mana Elixir, [Mastery Book] Enrage, [Mastery Book] Heaven's Hammer, [Mastery Book] Berserk, [Mastery Book] Meteor Shower, [Mastery Book] Blizzard, [Mastery Book] Genesis, [Mastery Book] Advanced Final Attack 30, [Mastery Book] Snipe, [Mastery Book] Triple Throw, [Mastery Book] Smokescreen, [Mastery Book] Maple Warrior 20, Clean Slate Scroll 1%, Scroll for Bottomwear for DEX 60%, Scroll for Topwear for STR 60%, Scroll for Topwear for HP 60%, Scroll for Overall Armor for INT 100%, Scroll for Overall Armor for LUK 100%, Scroll for Earring for DEX 60%, [Mastery Book] Time Leap, [Mastery Book] Air Strike, [Mastery Book] Final Blow 30, [Mastery Book] Combo Tempest 30, [Mastery Book] Combo Barrier 20, Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll, Equip Enhancement Scroll, Potential Scroll, Advanced Potential Scroll, Reindeer Milk, Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for ATT, Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Accuracy, Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack, Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT, Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Accuracy, Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack, Chaos Scroll 60%, [Mastery Book] Mystery Mastery Book, Nebulite Box, Orange Imp, Gemstone Imp, Red Hunter Recipe, Black Garina Hood Recipe, Blue Dragon Helmet Recipe, Gold Dragon Crown Recipe, Canopus Hat Recipe, Blue Czar Recipe, Red Mantle Recipe, Black Garina Recipe, Blue Dragon Armor Recipe, Canopus Suit Recipe, Blue Elemental Shoes Recipe, Red Hunter Shoes Recipe, Black Garina Shoes Recipe, Blue Dragon Boots Recipe, Canopus Boots Recipe, Blue Elemental Gloves Recipe, Black Garina Gloves Recipe, Blue Dragon Gauntlet Recipe, Canopus Gloves Recipe, Dragon Carabella Recipe, Dragon Axe Recipe, Dragon Mace Recipe, Dragon Kanzir Recipe, Dragon Kreda Recipe, Dragon Wand Recipe, Dragon Staff Recipe, Dragon Claymore Recipe, Dragon Battle Axe Recipe, Dragon Flame Recipe, Dragon Faltizan Recipe, Dragon Chelbird Recipe, Dragon Shiner Bow Recipe, Dragon Shiner Cross Recipe, Dragon Green Sleve Recipe, Dragon Purple Sleve Recipe, Dragon Slash Claw Recipe, Dragonfire Revolver Recipe, Blue Dragon Shield Recipe, Moonshadow Katara Recipe, Sharp Arrow for Bow Recipe, Sharp Arrow for Crossbow Recipe, Deluxe Android (M) Recipe, Deluxe Android (F) Recipe, Admantium Heart Recipe, Gold Heart Recipe, Garnet Heart Recipe, Crystal Heart Recipe, Pure Gold Engine Leg Recipe, Dragon Breaker Recipe, Dragon Majesty Recipe, Shiny Gray Warrior Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Magician Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Archer Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Thief Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Pirate Symbol Recipe, Tenacious Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Wise Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Sharp Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Lucky Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Red Bear Pendant Recipe, Red Owl Pendant Recipe, Red Wolf Pendant Recipe, Red Peacock Pendant Recipe, Nimble Ring IV Recipe, Hyper Ring I Recipe, Strength Ring V Recipe, Intelligence Ring V Recipe, Dexterity Ring V Recipe, Luck Ring V Recipe, All Mighty Ring Recipe, Shiny Red Special Symbol Recipe, Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe, White Angelic Blessing Recipe, Luck Potion VIII Recipe, Health Boost Potion Recipe, Mana Boost Potion Recipe, Blessing Potion Recipe, Strength Boost Potion Recipe, Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe, Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe, Luck Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Health Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Blessing Potion Recipe, Advanced Strength Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Luck Boost Potion Recipe, Hero Potion Recipe, Advanced Hero Potion Recipe, Advanced Giant Potion Recipe, Superior Fortitude Potion Recipe, Legendary Fortitude Potion Recipe, Exceptional Insight Potion Recipe, Resistance Potion Recipe, Cleansing Potion Recipe, Invincibility Potion Recipe, EXP Accumulation Potion Recipe, Wealth Acquisition Potion Recipe, Basic Potential Slot Carver, Intermediate Potential Slot Carver, Advanced Potential Slot Carver
Weapon Att.:
Magic Att.:
Weapon Def.:
Magic Def.:
Weakness to (Magic):
Resistance to (Magic):
Immune to (Magic):
Unique attack:
HP Recovery/10 secs:
MP Recovery/10 secs:
Immune against (Status):
Inflict status:
Common Location: -

The first dragon that's ever stood up against the dragon chief, Nine Spirit, who was the former ruler over Minar Forest. Horntail assembled an army of evil dragons to create an evil force that instigated the historically-known Dragon War. Horntail seemed to be the more powerful one at the beginning, but Nine Spirit's longstanding experience and wisdom as a leader seemed to overpower Horntail's inexperience. In the end, Horntail broke the Pact between the dragons and Halflings and attacked the Halflings' village, stealing the egg of Nine Spirit which they were protecting. This was a crime that no dragon known as the guardian of order should have committed. Ultimately, Horntail overthrew the reign of Nine Spirit, and the forest was conquered by the demonic servants of Horntail. Since then, no traces of true, honorable dragons could be found in the forest. Horntail, who has three heads and, subsequently, three different minds, is currently hiding in a cave to heal his wounds, and plotting to rule the regions even past Leafre using the egg of Nine Spirit.