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Level: 110
Magician equipment:
Dimon Wand, Blue Marine
Pirate equipment:
King Cent, Concerto
Ore drop:
Maker item:
Useable drop:
[Skill Book] Advanced Combo Attack, [Skill Book] Advanced Charge, [Skill Book] Angel Ray, [Skill Book] Triple Throw, [Mastery Book] Power Stance, [Mastery Book] Enrage, [Mastery Book] Heaven's Hammer, [Mastery Book] Berserk, [Mastery Book] Infinity, [Mastery Book] Meteor Shower, [Mastery Book] Blizzard, [Mastery Book] Genesis, [Mastery Book] Bow Expert, [Mastery Book] Advanced Final Attack 20, [Mastery Book] Marksman Boost, [Mastery Book] Snipe, [Mastery Book] Venomous Star/Venomous Stab, [Mastery Book] Triple Throw, [Mastery Book] Smokescreen, Clean Slate Scroll 1%, Scroll for Overall Armor for INT 100%, Scroll for Earring for LUK 60%, Scroll for Helmet for INT 10%, Scroll for Helmet for DEX 10%, [Mastery Book] Time Leap, [Skill Book] Final Blow, [Skill Book] High Defense, [Skill Book] Combo Tempest, [Skill Book] Combo Barrier, Scroll for Earring for HP 10%, [Skill Book] Final Cut, [Skill Book] Phantom Blow, [Skill Book] Flame Wheel, [Skill Book] Magic Mastery, [Skill Book] Dark Fog, [Skill Book] Soul Stone, Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll, Equip Enhancement Scroll, Potential Scroll, Advanced Potential Scroll, Reindeer Milk, Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for ATT, Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack, Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT, Tablet for Armor for STR, Tablet for Armor for INT, Tablet for Armor for DEX, Tablet for Armor for LUK, Tablet for Armor for HP, Tablet for Armor for MP, Tablet for Armor for DEF, Chaos Scroll 60%, [Mastery Book] Mystery Mastery Book, Nebulite Box, Orange Imp, Gemstone Imp, Sharp Arrow for Bow Recipe, Sharp Arrow for Crossbow Recipe, Android (M) Recipe, Android (F) Recipe, Deluxe Android (M) Recipe, Deluxe Android (F) Recipe, Shiny Gray Warrior Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Magician Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Archer Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Thief Symbol Recipe, Shiny Gray Pirate Symbol Recipe, Tenacious Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Wise Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Sharp Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Lucky Blue Gilded Belt Recipe, Red Bear Pendant Recipe, Red Owl Pendant Recipe, Red Wolf Pendant Recipe, Red Peacock Pendant Recipe, Nimble Ring IV Recipe, Hyper Ring I Recipe, Strength Ring V Recipe, Intelligence Ring V Recipe, Dexterity Ring V Recipe, Luck Ring V Recipe, All Mighty Ring Recipe, Shiny Red Special Symbol Recipe, Angelic Blessing Recipe, Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe, White Angelic Blessing Recipe, Health Boost Potion Recipe, Mana Boost Potion Recipe, Blessing Potion Recipe, Strength Boost Potion Recipe, Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe, Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe, Luck Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Health Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Blessing Potion Recipe, Advanced Strength Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe, Advanced Luck Boost Potion Recipe, Hero Potion Recipe, Advanced Hero Potion Recipe, Advanced Giant Potion Recipe, Legendary Hero Potion Recipe, Superior Concentration Potion Recipe, Legendary Insight Potion Recipe, Superior Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe, Resistance Potion Recipe, Cleansing Potion Recipe, Invincibility Potion Recipe, EXP Accumulation Potion Recipe, Wealth Acquisition Potion Recipe, Basic Potential Slot Carver, Intermediate Potential Slot Carver, Advanced Potential Slot Carver
Weapon Att.:
Magic Att.:
Weapon Def.:
Magic Def.:
Weakness to (Magic):
Resistance to (Magic):
Immune to (Magic):
Unique attack:
HP Recovery/10 secs:
MP Recovery/10 secs:
Immune against (Status):
Inflict status:
Common Location: -

A mushroom monster with an orange cap with white spots much like that of the Orange Mushroom monster. However, this monster has a strangely cynical and suspicious expression on its face which renders it hardly approachable. There are apparently a lot of these mushroom monsters expanding their habitat throughout the forest of east Henesys.