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Carta's Demand
Level 100 and above
Carta the Sea Witch (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
10 x Sea Dust
1 x Pianus's Scream
3 x Cold Tear
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. At the request of Muse, I went underwater to meet up with the Sea Witch, Carta. Unfortunately, when I got there, she said she can't foresee the future.

  2. Carta flat-out claimed she couldn't predict the future, but she said she can at least see what the person in question is doing right now. She also said that since the spell is really difficult to pull off, so I'll need to gather up the items if I want to find out what's in store for Gail. She requested that I get 3 Cold Tears and 10 Sea Dusts from Bone Fish, and 1 Pianus&039;s Scream that can be obtained through Pianus while it's dying. Cold Tear Cold Tear/3Sea Dust Sea Dust/10Pianus&039;s Scream Pianus&039;s Scream/1

  3. I gathered up all the items Carta asked me to get.


  • 111,300 experience