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Secret Dish of Great Chef

Victoria Island
Secret Dish of Great Chef
Level 11 and above
Item(s) Needed:
5 x Carp (100cm)
5 x Salmon (288cm)
1 x
5 x
5 x
1 x Pot
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Locate the Great Chef in the lively district!

  2. Great chef wishes to take an examination and be an executive chef. However, the required materials are not ready, and he is asking for my help. He wishes to have 5 288cm Salmon, 5 100cm carp, 5 3.6cm whitebait and 5 131cm sailfish. In addition, he also needs a pot and a shovel each respectively. I shall go and prepare now!Carp (100cm) Carp (100cm) / 5Salmon (288cm) Salmon (288cm) / 5Whitebait (3.6cm) Whitebait (3.6cm) / 5Sailfish (131cm) Sailfish (131cm) / 5Shovel Shovel / 1Pot Pot / 1

  3. Materials preparation is done. Looked at his confidence face, there shouldn't have any problems in attaining executive chef now!