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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 2

    Dimensional Crack PQ - Red Sign's Message
  1. Move through the portal into the darkness (Be sure to mark the portals you go through so you don't double it up). Do note that the top/bottom portals cannot be entered.
  2. Upon entering the room, a message will appear letting you know if there are any remaining monsters in the room.
  3. Dimensional Crack PQ - Dark Eyes & Shadow Eyes

  4. Kill the monsters in each room*. Each time a monster is killed, the number count will be updated.
  5. Once all the monsters have been eliminated, enter the portal at the top of the stage.
  6. *Note: The bottom accessible portal has 2 monsters inside. The rest have 3.

    Note: The two bottom portals contain monsters weak to physical attacks, and the three top portals contain monsters weak to magical attacks. One portal will have two monsters lurking inside.