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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 3

  1. Move through the portal into the darkness (Be sure to mark the portals you go through so you don't double it up). Do note that the top/bottom portals cannot be entered.
  2. Dimensional Crack - Boxes

  3. Press up when on top or in front of a box. If the number is correct, the box will glow and you will be moved to the next level. If the number is incorrect, you will be teleported to the bottom.*
  4. Once one party member tries the correct box on the top row, the entire party is teleported next to the portal. Enter it to go to the next stage.

    *Note: Each member should be assigned a number (1/2/3) or a location (left/center/right). That member should then always attempt to enter their designated box. This way, if you see someone teleport to the bottom, you will know which box has been attempted.