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Dragon Rider Party Quest

Dragon's Nest PQ

  1. You must be Level 120 and above to do this party quest.
  2. For a complete video guide of this PQ, click the Play button above (thanks to AionJC).

  3. Head to Leafre: Crimson Sky Dock by foot or through the Dimensional Portal (shown above) and form a party of 3 to 6 people. The recommended levels for this party quest are 120 and above.
  4. All participating party members must have completed the quest Towards the Sky 2 and received the Soaring ability.
  5. Dragon's Nest PQ - Quest Window

  6. Use the Soaring ability and head to the top of the map to talk with the NPC Crimson Sky Doorway. Select the first option to enter the first stage. You will have twenty minutes to finish the first three stages.

    Note: If you die during the PQ, you will respawn in a safe map from which you can re-enter the stage.

    Note: Standing in the cloudy region on the bottom in stages 1-3 will cause you to lose 550HP every 17 seconds.

    Note: Pets cannot be used during this PQ.