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Last Stage

  1. Prepare potions and support skills before jumping down to fight King Slime. (Note: Post Big-Bang, you no longer need to fight other monsters before facing King Slime.)
  2. Once you're ready, jump down and take on King Slime.
  3. Note: Becareful of its Earthquake skill as the damage is high.

  4. Once you have taken down King Slime, climb back up to Cloto.
  5. Once King Slime is defeated, a treasure box pop-up will appear - select one to receive your prize.
  6. Beware: You will not be able to receive your prize or exit from the pop-up if King Slime is defeated before the party leader arrives in the map. If this occures, you must forfeit your prize by having a party member leave the party. This is a glitch that has yet to be rectified at the time of writing.
  7. There's a chance that King Slime may drop Squishy Shoes.
  8. Talk to Cloto to exit the stage.