Welcome, Mapler!
The Database Takes Flight

Stage 1

  1. Walk to the right of the map and talk to Cloto.
  2. Post-Big Bang, Cloto will ask you for a specific number of coupons.
  3. Defeat the monsters in the map to collect the coupons.
  4. Once you have collected the right amount of coupons, talk to Cloto and you will receive a Pass. 2-3 Passes are needed, depending on the number of party members you have.
  5. If you're not the leader of the party, pass the yellow Pass to your party leader. If you are the party leader, collect all 2-3 Passes from your party members.
  6. For the party leader, once you have collected all 2-3 Passes, talk to Cloto and the portal will be opened for the next stage.