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Stage 5: Eliminate Pirates!

Time limit: 6 minutes

  1. The objective in this stage is to seal up 4 doors in the map by using the Old Metal Key.

  2. Old Metal Key

  3. The Old Metal Key can be obtained from Ginseng Jar, Mr. Alli, Kru and Captain.
  4. Once you obtain the item, drop the key in front of the door in order to seal it up. Take note that dropping the key is not easy as they mobs will keep on spawning until the door is sealed. It does required patience and a little bit of skill to get the right timing to drop the key in front of the door.

    Tip: It is suggested for Thief class use Dark Sight skill to drop the key.

  5. After sealing up the 4 doors, the portal to the next stage will be open. Continue moving on to the next stage.