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Monster Carnival Party Quest

You need to be between Level 30 - 50 to do the party quest

Talk to the NPC Spiegelmann in either Kerning City, Orbis, or Ludibrium to enter Monster Carnival.

Monster Carnival is unlike other PQs, in that this is a competitive party quest pitting your party against another party. Your goal is to collect the most amount of Carnival Points (CP) by killing monsters from the opposing party, and these CP, in turn, can be used to perform 3 tasks to distract the opposing party: Summon a Monster, Skill, and Protector. There are also designated hotkeys that can be used when selecting one of these three tabs to activate it.

Summon a Monster:
Monsters can be summoned to attack the opposing party.

Brown Teddy 7 F1
Bloctopus 7 F2
Ratz 8 F3
Chronos 8 F4
Toy Trojan 9 F5
Tick-Tock 9 F6
Robo 10 F7
King Bloctopus (wrong name in-game, it's actually King Block Golem) 11 F8
Master Chronos 12 F9
Rombot* 22 / 30 F10

*Rombots cost 22CP to summon in Carnival Fields 1 and 2, and 30CP in other Fields. There are currently unidentified conditions that determine which of the both CPs will occur.

Skills can be used against the opposing party, and if used wisely, can turn the tide of the battle.

Darkness (Party) 17 F1
Weakness (Party) 19 F2
Curse (Party) 12 F3
Poisoned (Party) 19 F4
Slow (Party) 16 F5
Seal (1 person) 14 F6
Stun (1 person) 22 F7
Cancel Buff (1 person) 18 F8

Protectors are buffs that can be casted on your summoned monsters. It it recommended that they are only used after you have summoned many monsters. When casting Protectors, they will appear as a pillar with a gem on top. Attacking and destroying these pillars (including your opponents' pillars, denoted by the colour of the gem) will remove the buffs.

Power UP 17 F1
Guard UP 16 F2
Magic UP 17 F3
Shield UP 16 F4
Accuracy UP 13 F5
Avoidability UP 16 F6
Speed UP 12 F7
Cancel Weapon Attack 35 F8
Cancel Magic Attack 35 F9

There are 6 Carnival Fields in all - Carnival Field 1 to 4 are for parties that have 2-4 members, while Carnival 5 to 6 are for parties that have 3-6 members. For obvious reasons, you will want to have the maximum number of party members for the selected Carnival Field, although it's not necessarily required.

Items that are dropped in this PQ will be used up instantly (except for Maple Coins, for redeeming prizes later). In addition to the usual potions (Mana Elixirs, Elixirs, etc), the following is the list of other items dropped:

Carnival Point 1 Increases Carnival Point by 1.
Carnival Point 2 Increases Carnival Point by 2.
Carnival Point 3 Increases Carnival Point by 3.
Party Mana Elixir Recovers 300 MP for all members of your party.
Party Elixir Recovers 50% of HP and MP for all members of your party.
Party Power Elixir Recovers all HP and HP for all members of your party.
Party All Cure Potion Cures any abnormal state affecting any members of your party.
Mini Cube of Darkness One of the members in the opposing party will be inflicted a random abnormal state.
Cube of Darkness Everyone in the opposing party will be inflicted a random abnormal state.
Stunner One of the members of the opposing party will be stunned.

As there is not one perfect strategy - as conditions such as what jobs the opposing party members are, and what Carnival Field you're in, will require a different strategy each time - there will not be one written here. Simply play through a game or two to familiarise yourself and work closely with your teammates to win. Also do note that each round takes 10 minutes.