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Monster Carnival Prizes

Winning or losing gives you a certain amount of EXP, based on your rank. Ranks are determined by how much CP you have at the end of the round.

A Rank: 500+ CP
B Rank: 250 - 499 CP
C Rank: 50 - 249 CP
D Rank: 0 - 49 CP

Winning team:
A Rank - 30,000 EXP
B Rank - 25,500 EXP
C Rank - 21,500 EXP
D Rank - 7,500 EXP
Losing team:
A Rank - 10,000 EXP
B Rank - 8,500 EXP
C Rank - 7,000 EXP
D Rank - 1,000 EXP

When you have finished a round of Monster Carnival, talk to the NPC Spiegelmann and redeem the collected Maple Coins for items.

Weapon for Warriors:

Weapon for Magicians:

Weapon for Bowmen:

Weapon for Thieves:

Weapon for Pirates: