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Bonus Stage

    Moon Bunny - Bonus Stage
  1. In this stage, you will receive 2 minutes to protect the Moon Bunny once more.
  2. The Moon Bunny will produce Moon Bunny's Rice Cake which any party member can loot.* Once picked up, each party member will receive 1 rice cake in their etc. inventory (assuming they have an open slot)
  3. These rice cakes can be taken out of the party quest map and are used to trade for the Rice Cake hats.
  4. Once the 3 minutes are over, your party is removed from the map.**

    *Note: The Moon Bunny will make a rice cake every 8-9 seconds if left untouched. You can gain a maximum of 14 rice cakes from the bonus.
    **Note: Because your entire party is moved to the lobby after the Bonus Stage, it is possible to do the party quest with members who are AFK.

  5. Possible prizes include:
    A Rice Cake on Top of My Head - 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cake required
    Rice Cake Topper - 100 Moon Bunny's Rice Cake required