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Stage 2

  1. Once all 6 seeds have been planted, the Moon Bunny will appear.
  2. At this stage, waves of flying enemies such as Flyeyes, Stirges, and Blins (whose levels vary based on the average party's level) will attempt to attack the Moon Bunny. The Moon Bunny will take some time to prepare 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cake.*
  3. Your task is to protect the Moon Bunny while it slowly drops the Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, which any party member should collect. You will be notified of the total number of Moon Cakes gathered each time one is looted. A health bar above the Moon Bunny as well as on the top of the screen will indicate its remaining health.
  4. Moon Bunny PQ - Stage 2

  5. This stage is over when all ten rice cakes have been collected. The PQ fails when it exceeds the time limit of 10 minutes, or the Moon Bunny dies.
  6. When the stage is cleared, you will receive experience points as well as 6 Willpower and 3 Empathy.
  7. Speak with Growlie and select the first option to begin the bonus stage.

    Moon Bunny PQ - Growlie

    1. *Note: The Moon Bunny will make a rice cake every 8-9 seconds if left untouched.