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Mu Lung Dojo Party Quest

You need to be above Level 25 to do the party quest. Even though this is a party quest, it can be completed individually. If a party is established, the level difference between the players must be within 30 levels.

Mu Lung Dojo Bulletin Board

So Gong

Talk to the NPC Mu Lung Dojo Bulletin Board which can be found in various towns (Henesys, Kerning City, Ludibrium). The party will be teleported where the leader needs to talk to So Gong in order to start the party quest.

Note: This PQ has a cap of 1,500 training points per day.

Special Skills:
There are 3 special skills available for the party members to use on the bosses by a combination of keys. These skills can be used only when the energy bar is fully charged. The energy bar is charged by attacking the monsters.

  • Bamboo Rain - The character splits a bamboo punji into splinters, damaging 30% of the boss' current HP.
    Combination key: Up arrow key + Ctrl + Alt
  • Invincibility - The character is immune to attacks for a limited time. However, the character can still be afflicted by status affects.
    Combination key: Left arrow key + Ctrl + Alt
  • Power Explosion - Increase the character's attack speed and damage for one round.
    Combination key: Right arrow key + Ctrl + Alt

Round 1 - Time limit: 5 minutes. Each boss awards 2 points (1 points for parties).

  • Mano
  • Stumpy
  • Deu
  • King Slime
  • Giant Centipede

Round 2 - Time limit: 6 minutes. Each boss awards 3 points (2 points for parties).

  • Faust
  • King Clang
  • Mushmom
  • Alishar
  • Timer

Round 3 - Time limit: 7 minutes. Each boss awards 4 points (3 points for parties).

  • Dile
  • Papa Pixie
  • Zombie Mushmom
  • Geno
  • Lord Pirate

Round 4 - Time limit: 8 minutes. Each boss awards 5 points (4 points for parties).

  • Old Fox
  • Tae Roon
  • Poison Golem
  • King Sage Cat
  • Jr. Balrog

Round 5 - Time limit: 9 minutes. Each boss awards 6 points (5 points for parties).

  • Eliza
  • Frankenroid
  • Chimera
  • Snack Bar
  • Snowman

Round 6 - Time limit: 10 minutes. Each boss awards 7 points (6 points for parties).

  • Blue Mushmom
  • Crimson Balrog
  • Manon
  • Griffey
  • Leviathan

Round 7 - Time limit: 15 minutes. Each boss awards 8 points (7 points for parties).

  • Papulatus Clock
  • Mu Gong

After defeating all of the bosses, the party will reach the top of the tower where EXP will be rewarded.

Do take note that items are not allowed to be used during the party quest. However, there are items and power-ups that will be dropped by the bosses and it will be consumed once a party member picks it up. The items consumed affects each of the party member, even if the party is scattered throughout the map.

Items Power-ups
All Cure Potion Increase Avoidability
Elixir Increase Accuracy
Mana Elixir Increase Max HP
Power Elixir Increase Max MP
  Increase Weapon Attack
  Increase Weapon Defense
  Increase Magic Attack
  Increase Magic Defense
  Increase Speed
  Immune to 3 attacks (Invincibility)