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Nett's Pyramid Party Quest

You need to be Level 60 and above to do this party quest. This PQ must be done with a party of 4 members or even alone; there are also no restrictions on the level difference between party members.

This PQ can be accessed through the NPC Duarte located at Hidden Street: Pyramid Dunes, which can be accessed from Sunset Road: Sahel 3.


Different Modes:
There are four modes in this PQ: Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell. There are different level restrictions for each mode as follows:

Easy Easy: Level 40-60
NormalNormal: Level 46-60
HardHard: Level 51-60
HellHell: Level 61-200

Harder modes contain higher levelled monsters, while the rewards in the Bonus Round are different. Otherwise, the gameplay is identical in all difficulties.


This PQ consists of 5 stages and a Bonus Round. The 1st Stage lasts for 2 minutes, Stages 2-4 last for 3 minutes each, while the Bonus Stage lasts 1 minute. The aim of each stage is the same: to hit/kill as many monsters as possible.

There is an ACT bar for every stage – the ACT bar fills up when you kill monsters, and running out of ACT before the stage's time is over will cause you to lose the PQ automatically and obtain a Rank D.

All the mobs in this PQ have only 1 HP, so the damage dealt is irrelevant. In each stage, there is 1 more portal available for the mobs to spawn from, thus increasing the total monsters available for killing in the stage. Starting from Stage 2, Yeti Pharaohs will spawn. The Yeti Pharaoh has high avoidability and can only be killed by using the Rage of Pharaoh skill. Hitting the Yeti Pharaoh will cause misses which would lower your ACT. The idea is to kill the mobs while avoiding the Yeti Pharaoh, which can be easily spotted by the exclamation mark at the top of their heads.

Nett's Pyramid PQ Nett's Pyramid PQ Nett's Pyramid PQ

Every hit done will have a certain chance of turning into a “Cool” hit, which will give a higher EXP reward at the end of the PQ.


Special Skill:

Rage of Pharaoh - Given to players for every 500 kills and 'Cool' hits made combined. Each subsequent level upgrade of this skill is given at 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 kills and 'Cool' hits combined. This skill will kill all the monsters in the map, including the Yeti Pharaoh.

Controls: Up arrow key + Down arrow key + C (or whichever is your Normal Attack key)

Special Buffs:
The buffs are automatically given to players once a certain number of kills is reached and will be removed once the PQ ends. The buffs give the special effect of a flame surrounding the player.

Pharaoh's Blessing Lv. 1 - Damage 100%, Attack Speed +1

Pharaoh's Blessing Lv. 2 - Damage 200%, Attack Speed +2

Pharaoh's Blessing Lv. 3 - Damage 300%, Attack Speed +3

Pharaoh's Blessing Lv. 4 - Damage 400%, Attack Speed +4

Nett's Pyramid PQ - Screenshot
Damage increase from the Pharaoh’s Blessing buff.

Nett's Pyramid PQ - Screenshot
Using the Rage of Pharaoh skill.

In Party mode, the kill counts are recorded separately for each player, and the ACT bar falls faster than in solo mode. Nonetheless, players will get extra EXP for every member of the party at the end of the PQ.