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Nett's Pyramid Party Quest Rewards

Possible Ranks:
S, A, B, C and D (if you run out of ACT)

EXP is rewarded depending on the number of kills (each kill gives 2 20 EXP), the number of “Cool” hits (each “Cool” hit gives 10 100 EXP), and the EXP bonus for the mode and rank of PQ obtained.

During the Bonus round, players have 1 minute to kill Pharaoh Jr. Yetis who drop Pharaoh's Treasure Chest or Pharaoh's Treasure Chest depending on the mode attempted.

Number of Chests Obtainable (assuming all Pharaoh Jr. Yetis are killed):
Easy mode – 30 Pharaoh's Treasure Chest
Normal mode – 40 Pharaoh's Treasure Chest
Hard mode – 50 Pharaoh's Treasure Chest
Hell mode – 50 Pharaoh's Treasure Chest

Players may choose not to enter the Bonus stage immediately after the completion of the 5 stages. In return, they will receive an item that allows entry to the Bonus stage directly through Duarte at Hidden Street: Pyramid Dunes.

Easy modePharaoh Yeti's Sapphire
Normal modePharaoh Yeti's Ruby
Hard modePharaoh Yeti's Emerald
Hell modePharaoh Yeti's Topaz

The Protector of Pharaoh Medal can be obtained from the NPC Duarte after killing 50,000 monsters in the PQ (the mode does not matter).

Pharaoh Belt can be obtained from both the Chests, whereas the The Immortal Pharaoh Belt can only be obtained from Pharaoh's Treasure Chest.

Note: The kills from all summons are not added to the total kill count nor do they increase the ACT bar.