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After Garden

Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Minerva

  1. With the Grass of Life in your inventory, click on the statue to revive the Goddess, clear the stage, and automatically kill any remaining Jr. Boogies. Speak with the Goddess Minerva to be transported to the exit stage.
  2. In the exit stage, speak with the Goddess again to receive a journal page. In order to exit and complete the PQ, you must have at least 2 open etc. slots.
  3. Upon clearing the party quest you will receive experience as well as 33 Willpower and 20 Charm.
  4. Possible prizes include
    Goddess Wristband: 15 Feather of Goddess
    Goddess Shoes: 10 Feather of Goddess
    Minvera's Bracelet: 30 Feather of Goddess and 1 Goddess Wristband
    Minvera's Shoes: 20 Feather of Goddess and 1 Goddess Shoes
  5. Speak with Cloudkeeper Eak to return to the lobby.